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Sustainability Audit

CRGss is a provider of CurrentState™.  CurrentState™ Sustainability Reports deliver world-class intelligence and analytics. Reports capture an organization's sustainability performance at a given time across over 25 different categories. Reports are based on the Sustainability Management Framework (SMF). Using the SMF ensures that reports are comprehensive and the information and analysis are accurate and timely.  

CurrentState™ Sustainability Reports contains a wealth of useful information and acts as a workbook for making progress with sustainability goals and suggestions.  Here are some of the most important elements.

  • In-Depth Analysis - CurrentState™ scores an organization's performance across over 25 business categories. It highlights detailed performance data that includes task lists, maturity metrics and gap analysis.

  • Clear, Concise Charts & Diagrams - The Findings Report contains beautiful, easy-to-read and boardroom-ready charts, graphs and task lists. 

  • A roadmap of the specific steps needed to improve performance - Reports include Quick Wins and Recommendations for specific steps and initiatives that should be considered or completed. 

  • Compare Different Locations, Apples-to-Apples - CurrentState™ can help bring an entire organization together.  Different locations will be able to communicate using exactly the same data, metrics and practices.


No two companies are alike.  The same is true for sustainability programs.  Therefore we offer different versions of the sustainability report to better reflect the size and sophistication of your organization and program.

  • CurrentState™ Small Business Report - Ideal for smaller businesses or companies with new programs.

  • CurrentState™ Standard Report - Ideal for small to medium-sized companies with an existing sustainability program.

  • CurrentState™ Enterprise Report - Ideal for large companies with an existing sustainability program.

  • CurrentState™ Enterprise Plus Report - Ideal for larger companies that are considering using LEED O&M, CDP or the GRI.

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