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D.W. Morgan Company

"It wasn’t until we received the findings report when we realized the true value of the CurrentState™ sustainability audit. It not only provided us with an unbiased overview of where we rank today with our current sustainability program, but it also provided a guide in developing a sustainability plan for both short-term and long-term objectives.


The audit questions were well organized and the process was simple enough for even a novice to the sustainability world. We were very impressed with how CRG Sustainable Solutions really delivered at all stages- with clearly setting the expectations prior to launching the project, with their responsiveness and support during the process, but most importantly on the final product.


We look forward to incorporating the recommendations from the findings report and working through our sustainability plan with Mary and her team!"


Suriati Cevallos
Director of Quality, Compliance and Sustainability










Trans-Expedite Inc.

"Trans-Expedite Inc. needed help in meeting a quick deadline for greenhouse gas data reporting from one of our Fortune 100 customers in the technology sector.  By working with CRG Sustainable Solutions to complete the assignment, we now have a baseline story included in our first CSR report and we have a greater value as a supply chain partner."

Keeli Jernigan

Techway Services, Inc.

"Techway Services Inc. is a business that is built on providing services that minimize IT assets, protect data privacy, and recover value for our clients.  By working with CRG Sustainable Solutions, we support sustainability internally and externally by telling our story in a way that honors the environment and our socially responsible goals."

Cathi Coan

Parisleaf Design

"The CurrentState Findings Report gave our team an opportunity to examine the great strides we have already made in our sustainability efforts as well as the changes that we still need to make to improve our green initiatives.” 

Chad Paris

Destination Hotels & Resorts

"The CurrentState survey completed for my property was not only a top to bottom evaluation of our current practices, it was a tool that looked at our operations and made real-world suggestions on improvements that were not only beneficial to our business but sustainable. Throughout the survey, there was recognition of our current "green" programs and efforts and data that supported the further strengthening of these internal processes to drive our efficiencies.

The CurrentState tool became a guide for our internal operations team to create realistic goals in enhancing our sustainability programs hotel-wide. The assessment's realistic suggestions and use of data to support conclusions immediately garnered strong buy-in making the process easier to implement.

The CurrentState assessment, while very comprehensive, was easy to complete using on-hand data, practices, and procedures.



Jeff Brainard
Area General Manager

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