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Green Supply Chain

CRGss is a provider of the VendorCheck™ Supply Chain tool. 


It is no longer enough to just have sustainable operations, organizations must also have sustainable Supply Chains. The role of Supply Chains is becoming more important as it is receiving increased scrutiny from the public, stakeholders, governments and other companies.  


VendorCheck™ Can Help

VendorCheck™ helps bring clarity and transparency to an organization’s Supply Chain.  VendorCheck™ provides unparalleled intelligence for three critical Supply Chain areas - Best Practices, Materiality and CDP Preparedness.

VendorCheck™ is delivered as an online survey.  The survey can be accessed from any computer and can have multiple contributors.  Once completed and submitted, our team will begin to prepare the Findings Reports.


Who should use VendorCheck™?

VendorCheck™ is ideal for both purchasing organizations and suppliers. 


Suppliers can:

  • improve your sustainability performance and sustainability programs

  • improve your preparedness to report to the CDP

  • differentiate yourselves from your competition


Purchasing Organization can: 

  • better understand the sustainability performance of your supply chain

  • improve your CDP score by improving your ‘supply chain engagement’

  • compare the sustainability performance of different suppliers ‘apples to apples’ 

  • lower your supply chain risk by identifying issues sooner


What does VendorCheck™ Deliver?


Sustainability Best Practices - VendorCheck™ performs a ’best practices gap analysis' and a 'business practices maturity analysis' on the Supply Chain of both a purchasing organization and suppliers.  The status of Best Practices is documented, task lists are created and performance across different business categories is scored.


VendorCheck™ contains the following business categories: Energy Management, Heating & Cooling, Lighting, Water Usage, Waste & Recycling, Sustainability Practices, Carbon Management, Green Supply Chain, Business Transportation, Goods & Services, Environment and Labor Practices.


Supply Chain Materiality - What sustainability issues are material to your organization, your stakeholders and your suppliers?  VendorCheck™ puts everyone on the same page.  The VendorCheck™ survey investigates materiality across 12 business categories and 4 stakeholder groups.  The analysis is presented in a heat map that clearly illustrates the most critical issues.


Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Preparedness - The CDP is the most important Supply Chain reporting standard.  Is your organization and your Supply Chain ready to report to the CDP?  Are you already reporting to the CDP and would like to improve your scores?  VendorCheck™ helps with all these scenarios.

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